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Whether you’re an established Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), or aspiring marketing leader, I’m always seeking to meet other high performing professionals committed to growing their careers. It’s my passion and pleasure to share what I have learned and help others drive success.

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John Fildes provides marketing and leadership insights on what you should know and how to apply it in your organization. Tips provide cause and effect insight so you clearly understand the reward for your investment. It's consumable in less than 3 minutes and immediately actionable.

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Five 2017 B2B Marketing Trends I'm Pumped About

John Fildes

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Over the past few years we've experienced enormous growth in digital, social, analytics, and customer experience opportunities. We've grown, learned, and evolved in these important areas, and naturally we’ve matured to blur the lines and blend these powerful capabilities in ways previously not possibly. In 2017, these capabilities will further combine to make marketing more important to growing revenue than ever before.

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Four Qualities of Self-Made Marketing Leaders

John Fildes

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While it may seem that marketing leaders have super hero-like powers, the reality is that they're just like any other person. What makes them different is where and how they focus their time. By gaining the discipline to focus on a few key levers for personal growth, you too can increase your ability to effortlessly stay ahead of the curve and expand your modern marketing prowess.

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