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The Secret to Customer Experience Success

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The Secret to Customer Experience Success

John Fildes

Discover how to transform your organization into a customer experience leader

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Marketers know great customer experiences create and reinforces customer loyalty. However, many marketers struggle to get others in their organizations to make delivering great customer experiences a top priority.

One significant obstacle marketers face is others dismissing customer experience as just a “marketing” priority. Another common challenge is clearly articulating what people should work toward—as customer experience is often vague, evolving, and difficult to visualize.

While these hurdles may feel enormous, they can be overcome by tackling three key areas to get others on board, excited, and supportive.

Define What Good Looks Like

It’s difficult to deliver great customer experience if you don’t know what a good one looks like. First, define what a good customer experience looks like from the customer’s perspective. Using zoomed-in and zoomed-out lenses, you can describe what customers experience from both big-picture and in-the-moment perspectives.

Articulate in-the-moment experience with great precision. For example, what does a good customer experience look like within a single channel, such as on your company website? How many clicks does it take to navigate relevant pages? How does search function and what do results look like for key search terms?

Also formulate a broader view, such as how all channels work together. Your customers will likely connect through several different channels, so consider when, where, and how they transit channels. Zooming out and thinking about channels collectively ensures logical and consistent customer exploration. Eliminating dead ends and confusion in cross-channel transitions, messaging, and promotions is especially important from a big-picture perspective.

By defining what good looks like through both zoomed-in and zoomed-out lenses, you’ll be able to align resources and people to deliver truly great experiences.

Equip Your Team With the Right Tools

Customer data and insights fortify customer experience. Purchase history and anecdotal feedback, such as survey responses and quantitative analytics, are great for understanding customers as human beings. Without these tools, your team will be unable to plan and deliver meaningful customer experience.

Technology tools, such as CRM platforms and interactive marketing analytics, should be available at your team’s fingertips. These tools serve as containers for your customer data and insights. However, these tools are only as good as the quality of information within, so you must also invest in data quality practices and governance.

Segmentation models round out these powerful tools with a framework for which customers receive which promotions. Segmentation models are core elements of delivering personalized experiences at scale. Combined customer data and insights—cleansed for quality assurance, easily accessible via CRM and analytics tools, complimented by segmentation frameworks—provide your team a powerful set of tools to craft and deliver customer experience.

Make Customer Experience Visible and Vocal

For customer experience to be a real priority, it must be consistently visible and vocalized to everyone on the team, including employees, consultants, and collaborators. You must install advocates throughout your organization. More importantly, advocates must be in key leadership positions to demonstrate leadership by example. This provides your team mentors and role models for guidance and growth.

The bottom line is if key leaders aren’t advocating for customer experience to be a top priority, it will never be. Key leaders must connect everything they and others do to customer experience and show the relationship between their actions and the customer experience agenda. Frequent communication, presentation, and repetition of message, exemplified by their own actions, will establish customer experience as a top priority for everyone.

In Summation

Getting others in your organization to prioritize customer experience can be challenging. Fortunately, common challenges you’ll face can be easily overcome by focusing on a few key areas.

Articulating what good looks like at big-picture and granular perspectives gets others on board. High-quality customer data and insights, supported by segmentation frameworks and analytics tools, provide your team what’s needed to deliver. Placing advocates in key leadership positions reinforces the message customer experience is a priority and gets others excited and engaged.

Focus on these key areas and your organization will rapidly transform into a customer experience leader.

Ask these questions

  1. Have we clearly defined what good customer experience looks like?
  2. Are we missing any tools required to deliver a good experience?
  3. Do our teams practice good data stewardship?
  4. Who are our key leaders aligned to customer experience?
  5. How can we better position leaders to bolster the message?

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