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Five 2017 B2B Marketing Trends I'm Pumped About

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Five 2017 B2B Marketing Trends I'm Pumped About

John Fildes

Marketing Becomes More Important To Growing Revenue Than Ever Before

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I'm pumped for 2017. People that know me would say I’m always pumped for a new year, but this year I’m especially excited. Why am I so excited? Because 2017 is going to be a special year for marketing.

Over the past few years we've experienced enormous growth in digital, social, analytics, and customer experience opportunities. We've grown, learned, and evolved in these important areas, and naturally we’ve matured to blur the lines and blend these powerful capabilities in ways previously not possibly. It’s been an amazing journey and many marketers are feeling more confident than ever about their progress.

While we reflect and awe at our journey – where we've come from and where we are today – the real attraction is what lies ahead. These modern marketing capabilities will further combine to disrupt markets in entirely new ways. Marketing will become more important to growing revenue than ever before and that’s why I’m pumped.

Personal Branding Gets Competitive

If you're not already invested in developing your personal brand, you’re behind the curve. Digital has made it simple to create and develop a personal brand. From LinkedIn and Twitter, to blogging and simple-to-create websites, people don't need to be marketers to stand out.

However, as more people create personal brands, finding ways to continue to stand out will become increasingly difficult. Effective personal promotion strategies will rise in importance as executives seek new ways to differentiate. Greater alignment to the organization’s brand will become core to credibility.

Marketers will become visionaries and be relied on to continually improve employee’s personal brands, especially as an extension of the corporate brand. In 2017, we’ll experience an explosion of organizations harnessing marketing to strengthen and differentiate their people in the market; online and offline.

Social Relationships Get Personal

Executives use of social has grown exponentially. People are more connected than ever before in the technological sense. Next up is the personal sense, empowered by the social technologies people continue to embrace.

Offline relationships will deepen as social enhances in-person interactions. Furthermore, social will continue to instinctively close the gap when people can't be face-to-face. Beyond simple likes and retweets, comments and conversations will rapidly multiply in frequency and volume as people increasingly use social as a primary communication channel.

Technology will fade out of focus in preference of humanistic authenticity and meaningful person-to-person communication. Social technology will begin to feel more like a utility than technology as people’s social relationships become standard day-to-day communication; characteristic of telephone and text.

Account Based Market (ABM) Zooms In

Account based marketing is bigger than ever. The maturation of data driven marketing and automation equipped marketers with the tools needed to personalize customer experiences by an organization’s unique needs.

However, customers thirst for personalization continues to grow. Organizations will continue to invest in improved segmentation beyond organization, improving experiences by specific department, team, and person. This granularity of targeting and personalization will become material to the buying process.

Leveraging the personal and social relationships people have with customer's executives, insights and forward-guidance will become more personalized than ever before, helping bolster repeat sales and customer loyalty.

Predicitve Analytics Lead The Business

C-suites have taken notice of marketer’s predictive analytics capabilities. Beyond personalizing and shaping customer's experiences, these established capabilities are being used to create and take market share.

Teaming with business strategy and sales executives, marketing leaders are harnessing and focusing predictive analytics capabilities to drive growth. Businesses are becoming increasing dependent on these capabilities to grow revenue as success multiplies, compounds, and reaches new heights.

Human assessment of market opportunities will continue to leverage marketer’s predictive capabilities to gain precision and confidence in their strategies, plans, and execution. Marketing’s ability to see where the market is headed and where the business should offensively and defensively pivot and position will fundamentally change how organizations grow.

Marketing Spurs Revenue Hyper-drive 

Love or hate what's happened in US politics, government is shifting more focus to business priorities. We're witnessing a fundamental change as government prioritizes and grows an international marketplace for goods and services.

In response, leading organizations are working hard to anticipate and prepare for new growth opportunities. Marketing leaders in forward-looking organizations are positioned to be key players as their mastery using and combining these matured marketing trends make them material to growing revenue.

Marketers will move their organizations into revenue hyper-drive by reinforcing existing markets and uncovering new opportunities to expand market share. Growing personal brands, leveraging social relationships, making relationships more personal, and harnessing predictive analytics as a growth engine, marketer’s ability to combine, focus, measure, and improve capabilities, will help leading organizations skyrocket revenue.

In Summation

It’s easy to understand why I’m pumped. As marketing leaders, we’ve worked tirelessly the past few years to establish modern marketing capabilities as key levers to success in our organizations. While we’ve achieved success and forward progress, we haven’t yet solidified these powerful capabilities as core to revenue growth. That changes in 2017 and I anticipate you’re going to be pumped too.

Marketers that excel in these areas and proactively position themselves as leaders will flourish. Revenue will increase and career opportunities will follow.

Good luck and have fun making 2017 an incredible year for your organization.

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