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Want Impactful Digital Marketing? Get Your Content Strategy Right.

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Want Impactful Digital Marketing? Get Your Content Strategy Right.

John Fildes

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Digital marketing success hinges on the effectiveness of your content strategy

When planning digital marketing, it’s important to first focus on content strategy. Content is the lifeblood of business-to-business marketing. Without content, executing robust digital marketing omnipresence, within and across channels, becomes a daunting task. You'll struggle to produce the number of marketing assets required to feed channel activities and planned refreshes. Without a constant flow of marketing activities your positioning will be weak and easily overshadowed by more impactful competing presences.

Align Content Editorial To Customer’s Priorities

Getting content strategy right first and foremost means that you thoughtfully create an editorial calendar that is aligned to customer’s priorities. If customers are struggling with a tough issue, content should focus on how to overcome the obstacle. If customers are seeking to innovate, content should be forward-looking and reveal opportunities to lead the market. Writing content that is interesting isn't good enough. Content must be aligned to a customer’s business priority for it to be valuable.

While the focus of your content is first and foremost customer priorities, it’s also important that you underpin your content with your services and solutions. While people don’t typically like content that is sales-driven, excluding alignment to what you sell is a mistake. Content must be valuable to the customer and your bottom line for it to add business value. Content that satisfies the customer’s needs and drives your business plan is your target outcome.

Define Content and Content Type Per Channel

The tactics you choose to execute within and across channels should guide how much content you create and how you package it for consumption. Deciding how many emails, tweets, LinkedIn posts, Facebook posts, banner ads, and other digital assets you'll need for your marketing campaign enables you to create a plan for content writing and creation. Deciding the delivery format of each digital asset enables you to scope the end deliverables and align creative resources. Will your tweet include a video? Will your paid search offer a downloadable e-book? Knowing the number of total assets needed, combined with delivery format, provides a blueprint for the creation of your content.

Create Impactful Images, Videos, Infographics, and More

Impact in digital channels requires differentiated visuals. People are visual and rely on imagery to provide context and indicate if something is relevant. Unique, eye-catching imagery causes people to pause and mentally process what they're looking at. In an age of breakneck speed content consumption, using impactful visuals to catch people's attention is a must.

However, visuals alone won't get the job done. Combining visuals with differentiated messages enables you to keep people's attention once you've caught it. Clearly articulating differentiated value builds brand identity, while influencing the person’s thoughts and beliefs. Complimenting visuals with clear and differentiated messages elevates digital marketing impact and likelihood of customer engagement.

Once you've got the right mix of imagery and differentiated positioning, apply what you’ve created consistently across PDFs, videos, infographics, tweets, display ads, and all other tactics in your plan. Consistency of message and imagery across marketing tactics and channels makes your digital marketing memorable. By repeating your message across marketing tactics and channels you reinforce your positioning. Combined with consistent imagery, your marketing becomes easy to identify, and stands out within crowded digital marketing channels.

To achieve impactful digital marketing, you must get your content strategy right. Getting your content strategy right requires that you align your efforts to customer priorities and business solutions. By planning within and across channels you reveal the exact number and types of assets you'll need to create content for. Combining disruptive imagery and differentiated messages makes your digital marketing easy to remember and elevates your channel assets to standout from the competition. Follow these guidelines and you'll achieve impactful digital marketing that drives customer action and outcomes.

Ask Yourself These Questions

  • What are my customer’s top priorities?
  • What solutions and services align to customer’s needs?
  • What channels and tactics will I leverage?
  • How are competitors positioned in the space?
  • What imagery best compliments my differentiated message?

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