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Believe In Yourself and Stay Confident

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Believe In Yourself and Stay Confident

John Fildes

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Believe in yourself and stay confident to overcome challenges

Believing you will succeed is important to increasing your confidence. Confidence is especially important because there will always be challenges to overcome as you grow in your organization. When things don’t go your way, it’s important you stay focused on maintaining your confidence, and reflect on the experience. Learning from your mistakes makes you stronger and better prepared the next time around. It’s unrealistic to think that you’ll be able to avoid every challenge, so believing in yourself and staying confident when an obstacle does arise is an effective way to overcome it.

Concisely Reflect On Failure and Move On

One of the primary obstacles to maintaining a high level of confidence is failure. It’s natural to feel depleted when you don’t achieve the outcome you were expecting. However, not picking yourself back up quickly has a larger impact across your unrelated work. When you experience failure you should set a time limit to reflect on what you could have done differently and then move on to think about the future and what you’ll do differently next time. Dwelling on failures longer than what’s required to concisely reflect is unproductive and has a lasting negative impact far beyond the specific instance that went wrong.

Selectively Listen and Learn From Criticism

Criticism can deplete your confidence as well. It’s important to consider the source of the criticism when considering what was said. Considering the source’s frame of reference is also important to better understand the persons understanding or lack of understanding. Criticism can sometimes be a great learning tool. Other times it should be ignored. Accepting that criticism comes with the territory of success will make you better prepared to meet it head on and better enabled to separate what’s worth learning from and what is simply another’s personal disfavor.

Don’t Let Exhaustion Bring You Down

Exhaustion can be hard to detect and can have a significant impact on your confidence. When you’re tired, obstacles seem bigger and you lack the energy needed to overcome them. Your morale shrinks and you start to doubt your ability. Staying confident when your exhausted requires you take some down time and recharge the batteries. Staying well rested keeps you driven and your confidence high.

Failure, criticism, and exhaustion can be blows to your confidence only if you let them. Being conscious of them when they happen enables you to use them as an opportunity to do the opposite and strengthen your confidence. Giving yourself the appropriate time to reflect, rest, and regain the right perspective will keep your confidence high as you grow in your organization.

Ask Yourself These Questions

  • How is my confidence level and do I need to pick myself back up?
  • How long is an appropriate amount of time to reflect on failure?
  • Who is the source of the criticism and what is their frame of reference?
  • What signs can I use to know when I’m tired before I’m exhausted?
  • What is the right amount of rest to get every night?

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