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Recharge Your Batteries

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Recharge Your Batteries

John Fildes

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Proactively recharge your mental and emotional batteries to stay sharp and driven

A lot of people say that they perform better under stress, but constantly pushing yourself to the limit inevitably leads to mistakes and lower productivity. Individuals who prioritize self-care are able to be more productive in the long run. Being aware of your emotional state and practicing rituals that relieve stress can keep you functioning at peak performance when challenges arise. Rest also makes your brain sharper and your decisions better.  This year, try getting into the following habits so that you can stay on top of your game while avoiding burnout.

Ask Yourself How You’re Feeling

No one else can tell you how you feel. Listening to your own body is a skill that must be practiced. Regularly check in with yourself to assess your energy. Consider recording your emotional state in a daily log. You can keep it simple by choosing from one of three options: feeling great, feeling tired or feeling exhausted. If you're nearing exhaustion, it's time to take a break and find a way to unwind.

Keep a Recharge List

Write down some activities that help you recharge. Include simple activities, such as watching an episode of your favorite TV show, as well as activities that require greater time investment, such as exercising or gardening.  Carry the list with you at all times so that you have a repertoire of options for relaxing when you start to feel overwhelmed. Make sure to practice at least one stress-relieving ritual every day to preempt exhaustion.

Encourage Others to Recharge

Inspire your team at work by becoming a spokesperson for self-care. Let your coworkers know about the efforts you are making for your emotional health. Make others aware when they’ve expressed burnout or you see a decline in their energy. Also, make sure team members are taking time off for holidays.

Monitoring your energy and planning for down time can help you stay sharp and focused throughout the year. Encouraging others to do the same keeps the entire team running at your pace. Don't wait for your batteries to deplete; take action to recharge before you burn out.

Ask Yourself These Questions

  • What practices will help me monitor my mental and emotional batteries?
  • What activities help me effectively recharge?
  • How much time should I allocate to for each activity?
  • Where is the best place to store my list of activities for easy access?
  • What is the right cadence to encourage others to recharge?

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