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Get Your Team to Know Their Peers

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Get Your Team to Know Their Peers

John Fildes

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Boost team synergy by encouraging peer relationships

When your team members invest time and energy into forming relationships with their colleagues, your team is much more likely to be productive and happy. A team that's endowed with peer relationships is more likely to have strong communication, trust, problem solving skills and camaraderie. While committing time and energy to growing your team member’s relationships with each other may seem daunting, the payoff has a significant impact on team engagement and performance. Fostering strong connections between team members should be high on your to-do list.

Keep a Scrapbook of Team Building Exercises

"Team building" might seem like a worn out term, but the meaning is as important as ever. If you want to set your team up to achieve success in their relationships, you can't just sit back and hope they invests in workplace relationships on their own. Create a team-building scrapbook where you can jot down ideas to help get your team focusing on fun, trust and communication with their peers. Talk to your colleagues and search online for ideas and inspiration. Periodically add to your scrapbook and don't be afraid of coming up with a bad idea. It’s more important to have a number of ideas to select from, so the best ideas standout on their own.

Combine Offline, Virtual, and Social Exercises

Once you've developed a few exercises, have members from your team take turns leading and organizing. This will help increase visibility on your team, and it'll give everyone a chance to show off their leaderships skills. These exercises don't just have to be done in the office or in person. There are plenty of virtual exercises that you can use to motivate your team and increase workplace synergy. Bringing exercises to social media is another good way to get the team involved in relationship building. Actively participate on social networks yourself to lead from the front and encourage participation. Keeping a steady cadence of offline, virtual, and social exercises keeps the team connected over time. Sustained relationship building over time is key to increase team synergy.

Get the Team Excited to Participate

Whatever team building exercises you choose to implement, make sure that you're constantly adding new activities and giving the team something to look forward to. Let your team know in advance when they should expect to engage in team building exercises and make the exercises fun. It’s important you set a schedule and stick to it. Awards and incentives are a great way to heighten your team’s anticipation and excitement. The incentives don't have to be inordinate. Most of the time, the pride and fun your team will experience will be more than enough of a reward.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what method you use as long as you make what you're doing fun and effective. Start your scrapbook today and frequently add new ideas as you find them. Keep a steady cadence to keep the team engaged, while giving them something fun to look forward to. Engage your team on social media and be a catalyst for group discussions and sharing. Pull out all the stops, get creative and put yourself in your team’s shoes. Inspiring your team to form genuine relationships with their peers will help make your team happier and more engaged.

Ask Yourself These Questions

  • What team building activities are most popular with the team?
  • What colleagues should I talk to for ideas and inspiration?
  • What is the right mix of offline, virtual, and social exercises?
  • What incentives will increase engagement?
  • Where should I keep my scrapbook so it’s front and center?

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