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Praise Team Member’s Successful Outcomes

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Praise Team Member’s Successful Outcomes

John Fildes

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Praise Successful Outcomes To Increase Team Member’s Confidence And Engagement

Praise in the workplace can do a lot more than just lift someone's mood. When delivered right, praise can serve as a powerful catalyst for increased confidence, engagement, and continued success. The right kind of praise clearly details the person’s hard work, the great outcomes that came from it, and what strategies the rest of the team can use to achieve similar success. Connecting the dots on how each person's valuable input propelled the project forward helps inspire your team to greater momentum and drive. It also steers your team’s attention to the next priority and opportunity for continued success. Praising other’s valuable contributions and outcomes, and encouraging others to do the same, will help lift the team to victory.

Make Success a Focal Point

When you give praise, be sure to spotlight what someone has achieved, not the person. Focusing on the outcome emphasizes the progress a person has made toward larger goals or objectives. It also raises the group's energy by highlighting what's going well in the project, and the team will respond by being more productive. Outcome-focused praise also helps develop a team culture of sharing in which each member's hard work and successes are valued.

Make Praise Specific to Make It Meaningful

The most meaningful compliments share specific details instead of a vague "well done."  Giving your team a detailed compliment highlights both the factors that led to the winning strategy and the great result. Make praise multitask by emphasizing what other team members, especially those with similar roles, can do to excel in their own work. This allows the group to learn each others' problem-solving strategies and get similar fantastic results.

Connect Small Successes to the Big Picture

Employees who understand that their work is vital to the company's success will approach their jobs with passion. Make sure you underscore how each task fits into the project's bigger picture or the business's goals and objectives. While you're at it, share with your team a clear idea of the next steps in the project. This keeps the goalposts clear in everyone's mind. Team members are inspired to focus on the most productive tasks and keep the project moving forward.

Success is built one milestone at a time, and a big achievement is a great opportunity to praise the team. This keeps people engaged in their work and excited about the next step in the project. Praise highlights a person's value in the framework of his or her peers, raising confidence and boosting engagement. The most effective forms of praise are outcome-specific and detailed. These highlight both someone's success and the winning strategies they used. This increases the productivity of the entire team as members learn from each others' victories. Giving praise also lets a project leader connect the recent success with the bigger picture, helping the team understand how its work is driving progress forward. With a clear, shared vision of the outcome, team members will see what their next priority is. They'll be more engaged in the project, and they will be primed for future successes.

Ask These Questions

  • What’s the right cadence to highlight others success?
  • What specific details are important to include when sharing?
  • How should I position the outcome to highlight the work and not the person?
  • What specific role did the outcome play in progressing the big picture?
  • What behaviors are important for others to replicate?

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