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Eliminate Surprises Before They Happen

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Eliminate Surprises Before They Happen

John Fildes

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Eliminate surprises to standout as someone who is organized and in control

Top executives don’t like surprises. Especially when the surprise is an issue could have been avoided. That’s way it’s important that you eliminate surprises in your work. In addition to increasing your growth trajectory in your organization, avoiding surprises makes you stand out as someone who is organized and in control.

Focusing on these three areas will help you mitigate surprises and risk of issues.

Stay In Front of Potential Surprises

Mitigating surprises requires you stay in front of potential threats so you can proactively work to navigate an issue before it happens. Intuition is an important leadership quality to work on when developing yourself. Intuition is the foundation of being able to spot issues before they happen. Thoughtfully planning, iterating, and refining strategy and execution is a second way to stay out in front. Reflecting often and continuously learning from your successes and mistakes keeps a pulse on the state of play. Learning, applying, and refining plans keeps the work on target and stakeholders calm and confident in you.

Rapidly Resolve The Unexpected

While it’s important to stay out in front, it’s realistic to believe some unexpected challenges will arise. You will not be able to be perfect all the time. Instead of panicking or becoming frustrated when they do happen, it’s important you avoid reacting emotionally or negatively. What is most import it to stay focused on achieving a timely resolution. Staying level headed enables you to more rapidly reach resolution and bolsters other’s perception that you are in control.

Keep Your Boss Informed

Frequent communication keeps your boss informed about lurking threats. Making your boss aware of anticipated challenges prepares them if one does occur. Transparent communication grows their confidence in you and demonstrates your ability to anticipate and navigate threats. Reinforcing the message that you have it under control, combined with calm, level headed, confident delivery of message is important. In the case an issue does arise, your boss will be less reactive as well and quickly get behind your plan for resolution.

No one likes surprises so it’s important you eliminate them before they happen. Staying in front of challenges helps you proactively anticipate and navigate obstacles. While it’s not possible to avoid every issue, responding calmly and confidently achieves timely resolution and bolsters other’s perception of you as being accountable and reliable. Frequently communicating issues on the horizon and issues that you’re effectively mitigating further strengthens your position as a leader in the organization.

Ask Yourself These Questions

  • How strong is my ability to anticipate challenges?
  • What can I do in my day-to-day to effectively stay in front of challenges?
  • How often should I review, reflect, and revise plans?
  • What tools can I leverage to stay calm when unexpected issues arise?
  • How often should I discuss potential threats with my boss?

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